Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom (lonespark) wrote,
Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom

Robin Hood 3x05 Let the Games Commence

Isabella arrives! I have been anticipating this moment since before I started watching the show. It lived up to my expectations.

Unfortunately there was also a poor annoyed lion and some inexplicable mustard gas.

Hmmmm, Tuck and Isabella...Tuck/Isabella? I guess Tuck is one of those characters whose awesome I want shared with anyone and everyone. Or possibly I just think every other character should be as enthusiastic about him as I am? And in this case, I'm a huge fan of both of them, and find them very, by their powers combined, they can rule the 'verse. (Not that they'd necessarily get along, but that's what AU is for. And watching them not get along would be glorious, too.)

This gladiator show is so awesome. I think I might become a Circus Maximus groupie. And Bertha is an awesome character, and Walt is great in a way children on tv so often aren't... I really wish that minor characters could be recurring, coming back a few times a season to be awesome all over again.

All the stuff with Guy and Isabella is beautiful and amazing. I especially like Isabella's expressions when Vaisey is dressing Guy down. Guy's hair is pretty decent in this episode, too, and he seems to be going easy on the kohl... I love everybody's costumes, even the random shieldwall guys, (Yeah, this show really makes me want to get back into heavy combat. Unfortunately rapier is much cheaper. And swashbuckling while shouting insults is fun, too...) but not Isabella's, particularly. Also I really liked Kate's clothes in the last episode but not what she's wearing in this one.

Really wonderful to have a Little John-centric episode. The scene where he was fending off all the guards with his staff was such classic legend stuff. And they dressed him as a...lion? Unfortunately not a bear, but still great. All mythic and evocative and stuff. LJ as the father figure who can't keep kids... sniff. It reminds me a tiny bit of a discussion on the Troth list about Father's Day and Odin... How he has to lose/give up his beloved son, and acts as a kind of father figure to all the soldiers, on all sides, calling them home... Then again, LJ isn't Odinic at all, so maybe the things about Thor from that thread are more applicable? It was a good thread...

I am concerned that this season thinks it should have twists and double crosses just for their own sake. Really there's a fine line between "Portraying complex characters with their own motivations and shifting allegiances" and "Double and triple-crosses that undermine characterization and make everyone dizzy/give them emotional whiplash." Partly Robin Hood isn't set up to be...Um, I can't think of a good example of something darkish and twisty. Spirit Binders might work if anyone had heard of it. Robin Hood seems about on the level of AtLA, but inconsistent about its tone.
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