Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom (lonespark) wrote,
Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom

Robin Hood: A Dangerous Deal

Ok, if this is how S3 rolls, I'm enjoying it. It is its own crack fic. (ETA: Ohoho, why did I post before seeing the whole episode? I'm loving and HATING it, is what I am.)

I am SO JEALOUS of Thornton's clothes. Also he reminds me of The Duke from "Karelia's Song." "Though her duke was deemed handsome/he was a soul vain and petty/with a black heart as empty as last summer's gourd."

THE GUYLINER, OMG. I love how Meg tells Guy he looks like crap, but I think he looks like he's recently been seeing his makeup artist.

Kate, you are as terrible at picking times and ways to approach relationship stuff as the entire cast of The Legend of Korra.

Team Sheriff/Outlaw is a fascinating prospect. Too bad it won't happen.

I watched this ep out of order the better to write Meg fic, and OMFG, the Isabella/Meg vibes are even more fantastic than I hoped, and Meg is a pretty awesome character and SHE DESERVES WAY BETTER THAN THE FRIDGE. And better than Guy, too. Plus how frakking awesome would it be for Isabella to have her (If someone's going to die in this ep it should be Guy. He's long overdue and his fashion sense annoys me. I have seen these clips many times but now I really, really, really want it to turn out differently.)

OMG WTF S3 OUTLAW PLOTS YOU SUCK!!! I don't really see it as Kate's fault, except insofar as she'd kind of the center of the Vortex of Suck...

Things I do love:

Viking hoard! Tuck the font of facts!

Isabella. Meg. Isabella and Meg. Did I mention them already? I am very much encouraged to continue with my "Isabella and Meg lead their own band of leather-clad folk heroes" fic.

OMG, Thornton is back? Why frelling frak couldn't they just off the monster? And Kate, srsly? "She doesn't deserve..." whatever it is she says.

Sweet holy Hel that was a trigger-y episode with a trigger-y ending. Damn.

Not really rooting for Robin here. Team Isabella Forever! (Not so much Team PJ, though.)

(Episode, are you not actually over yet? Aaaaugh, I don't like this Guy/Meg business. It's as cringeworthy as anything in the series, even though I don't have much against either character... I mean, cringe-worthy is basically Guy's MO, but in a different way...)

Wait, who are the heroes in this show again? In S2 I was starting to kind of like Robin.
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