Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom (lonespark) wrote,
Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom

Robin Hood 2x03, "Childhood", spoilers of a sort herein.

Those kids are cute and awesome! I like the armorsmith dude...

Aw, Guy, go you with your scruples against killing children for no good reason. That bit about servants rubbing your...feet only makes you sound pathetic, though...

Aw, lookit the little proto-outlaws!

And, once again, Robin is possessive and creepy and I want to punch him...

I kind of wish Marian would commit more fully to deceiving Guy. Maybe not at this stage? But, like, the fact that she drops his hand when he talks about wanting her freedom back... She could make things like that less obvious. It almost makes you think she's desperate to get away from Mr. Fanservice before she's captivated by his, er, charm. (Not really, in the show context. But there's a definite conflict between how much she likes doing this spy stuff and how much she's willing to get into the part.)

And speaking of Mr. Fanservice's charm... The times when I saw the shirtless!clip out of context I was all, "yeah, whatever, some tall guy with insufficient body hair has muscles and stuff, big deal..." But now I watch RH, and it's GUY and MARIAN. It's Guy/Marian. Ergo, ambivalent hotness. (Hot ambivalence?)

Omnomnom, the Guy/Allan in this episode is beyond delicious.
Djaq with a bow, also nine kinds of beautiful/sexy/awesome...

Wow, that ominous music is overdoing it. And the design of that armor is amazingly terrible. Gisborne looks a bit like Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Ooooh, nice Marian action. Also I continue to adore Smith Dude. ("In France they know how to appreciate an artist!")

I also continue to enjoy "Marian's not going to lead me around by my heart/balls/better nature!" Guy... although SRSLY, dude, your lord is shit. He hurts you for fun. In this case, and in the tattoo-burning scene, there's an argument to be made that the Sheriff's actions are simply necessary to further their political goals, and sometimes in war sacrifices must be made... but no, there are other ways; Vasey is a sadistic fuck and Guy is such a rewarding target.

I'm actually really impressed at the representation of sexual harrassment the show does...and abuse in general, and the way people who have bought into an abusive culture can be keen on perpetuating it...
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