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Lesser Men with Spades
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom's LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, September 11th, 2013
12:47 pm
Monday, July 1st, 2013
2:18 am
Robin Hood 2x13, We Are Robin Hood
My feelings about this episode (the last parts anyway...the last quarter?) basically amount to screams of rage/annoyance. But I have lots of other feelings and thoughts as well...

Urgh, well, I will share them with you when I copy and organize my 5 pages of handwritten notes.
Wednesday, June 26th, 2013
10:51 am
Robin Hood 3x06 Do You Love Me
What? I like Kate's clothes at the beginning of the episode, so then she changes them? Oh, and the forehead braid is gone? I liked it. And I feel bad for Kate because it's not like she takes more stupid risks than everyone else, but she suffers the consequences when no one else does.

Oh, look, the physician. Another interesting minor character who doesn't need to be a white dude, but is. This gets more and more tiresome.

PJ! Isabella and PJ!

And Team Castle is back!!!

This church burning thing really makes very little sense. Also, pssst, villagers, it's too late for water. Outlaws, are you not listening?

"But I am benevolent!" Eeeeek. That is all. I bet Isabella's going to put up a poster in her bedroom that says, "You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps!" And more Kyriarchy Ruins Everything: PJ can be as delusional as he pleases, but there's (historically accurate? Not sure...) madhouses for mentally ill people who are excessively poor or inconvenient.

Isabella, you're my favorite. Peej, you're, um...fun to watch?

So the Sheriff is telling Gisborne "Humanity is weakness" and this is hindering Gisborne... Yeah? Well what about an attachment to overly elaborate sadistic schemes? Isn't that weakness, too?

Also, there's a lot phallic wounding in this fight that I don't really parse. Anyway it's a very nice, dramatic fight, with weird complicated feelings mixed in. But Vaisey should damn well stay dead.

"Long live me." This episode was indeed fun. I wonder if it will be my favorite from S3?
10:01 am
Robin Hood 3x05 Let the Games Commence
Isabella arrives! I have been anticipating this moment since before I started watching the show. It lived up to my expectations.

Unfortunately there was also a poor annoyed lion and some inexplicable mustard gas.

Hmmmm, Tuck and Isabella...Tuck/Isabella? I guess Tuck is one of those characters whose awesome I want shared with anyone and everyone. Or possibly I just think every other character should be as enthusiastic about him as I am? And in this case, I'm a huge fan of both of them, and find them very attractive...so, by their powers combined, they can rule the 'verse. (Not that they'd necessarily get along, but that's what AU is for. And watching them not get along would be glorious, too.)

This gladiator show is so awesome. I think I might become a Circus Maximus groupie. And Bertha is an awesome character, and Walt is great in a way children on tv so often aren't... I really wish that minor characters could be recurring, coming back a few times a season to be awesome all over again.

All the stuff with Guy and Isabella is beautiful and amazing. I especially like Isabella's expressions when Vaisey is dressing Guy down. Guy's hair is pretty decent in this episode, too, and he seems to be going easy on the kohl... I love everybody's costumes, even the random shieldwall guys, (Yeah, this show really makes me want to get back into heavy combat. Unfortunately rapier is much cheaper. And swashbuckling while shouting insults is fun, too...) but not Isabella's, particularly. Also I really liked Kate's clothes in the last episode but not what she's wearing in this one.

Really wonderful to have a Little John-centric episode. The scene where he was fending off all the guards with his staff was such classic legend stuff. And they dressed him as a...lion? Unfortunately not a bear, but still great. All mythic and evocative and stuff. LJ as the father figure who can't keep kids... sniff. It reminds me a tiny bit of a discussion on the Troth list about Father's Day and Odin... How he has to lose/give up his beloved son, and acts as a kind of father figure to all the soldiers, on all sides, calling them home... Then again, LJ isn't Odinic at all, so maybe the things about Thor from that thread are more applicable? It was a good thread...

I am concerned that this season thinks it should have twists and double crosses just for their own sake. Really there's a fine line between "Portraying complex characters with their own motivations and shifting allegiances" and "Double and triple-crosses that undermine characterization and make everyone dizzy/give them emotional whiplash." Partly Robin Hood isn't set up to be...Um, I can't think of a good example of something darkish and twisty. Spirit Binders might work if anyone had heard of it. Robin Hood seems about on the level of AtLA, but inconsistent about its tone.
Sunday, June 23rd, 2013
4:16 am
Robin Hood: S2 finale, dammit

(No, I still haven't actually watched it. Probably after I get through S3. Unless I suddenly need to to write fic for a deadline.)

Really I just need Marian to be armed. To fight. Guy can kill her. Vaisey can shoot her full of arrows. She can fail to save the king, or die in Robin's arms, or whatever. Alternately, she could kill Guy or successfully make time. She could take his sword. She could get the best of him and tell him to change sides or die. He could say if she doesn't want him he'd rather die and there could be poignant references to "death or being my wife..."

WTF-ever. Anything that's slightly more like "From the Desert to the Tower" and considerably less like the stupid fountain and the ineffective sword-proof vest.
Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
8:34 pm
Robin Hood 3x01: Total Eclipse
My thoughts about this episode are kind of violently ambivalent.

When Robin said, "I even gave up the life of the woman I loved," or whatever the exact quote is, I had to stop watching and walk around yelling for a while. SRSLY? I do realize that Robin's POV is by no means the right/moral/accurate/etc. version of events, but...seriously? Do we have to do that whole "women's lives and choices only matter insofar as they affect men" thing? Like, at all? Frak. me.


I quite like the costumes. Jasper's and Vaisey's especially. More Jasper is lovely, too.

I love Tuck but not so much the writing of him or anybody else. And I need more Tuck/Robin, and Tuck/Guy. And Tuck/anyone. Yes.

And possibly LJ/Much?

(Also, Tuck's thing with the sand is begging for a geology-based parody...)

(The bit in the cave made me think of The Pragmatical Princess for some reason. Probably just because caves and monks? But Tuck doesn't get eaten, there's no dragon, and only under the most lax of definitions could Robin be considered a princess. Actually, I don't think Tuck would get eaten. He'd probably find a way to make friends with Aegyptus and Ousmani. Maybe?)

(Also also, this episode was vaguely helpful in my continuing quest for opportunities to imagine David Harewood playing Bright Itempas. The way Tuck knows he's right and feels his ends completely justify his means... and then being all astronomical and foretelling at the end... It is working for me.)

Where were we? Robin Hood? Ok, if you insist...

No, actually, I have run out of thoughts. Other than the fact I wished I had a drink when the Sheriff mentioned "homeland security."
Friday, June 14th, 2013
4:39 pm
Robin Hood: A Dangerous Deal
Ok, if this is how S3 rolls, I'm enjoying it. It is its own crack fic. (ETA: Ohoho, why did I post before seeing the whole episode? I'm loving and HATING it, is what I am.)

I am SO JEALOUS of Thornton's clothes. Also he reminds me of The Duke from "Karelia's Song." "Though her duke was deemed handsome/he was a soul vain and petty/with a black heart as empty as last summer's gourd."

THE GUYLINER, OMG. I love how Meg tells Guy he looks like crap, but I think he looks like he's recently been seeing his makeup artist.

Kate, you are as terrible at picking times and ways to approach relationship stuff as the entire cast of The Legend of Korra.

Team Sheriff/Outlaw is a fascinating prospect. Too bad it won't happen.

I watched this ep out of order the better to write Meg fic, and OMFG, the Isabella/Meg vibes are even more fantastic than I hoped, and Meg is a pretty awesome character and SHE DESERVES WAY BETTER THAN THE FRIDGE. And better than Guy, too. Plus how frakking awesome would it be for Isabella to have her own...lt.-person. (If someone's going to die in this ep it should be Guy. He's long overdue and his fashion sense annoys me. I have seen these clips many times but now I really, really, really want it to turn out differently.)

OMG WTF S3 OUTLAW PLOTS YOU SUCK!!! I don't really see it as Kate's fault, except insofar as she'd kind of the center of the Vortex of Suck...

Things I do love:

Viking hoard! Tuck the font of facts!

Isabella. Meg. Isabella and Meg. Did I mention them already? I am very much encouraged to continue with my "Isabella and Meg lead their own band of leather-clad folk heroes" fic.

OMG, Thornton is back? Why frelling frak couldn't they just off the monster? And Kate, srsly? "She doesn't deserve..." whatever it is she says.

Sweet holy Hel that was a trigger-y episode with a trigger-y ending. Damn.

Not really rooting for Robin here. Team Isabella Forever! (Not so much Team PJ, though.)

(Episode, are you not actually over yet? Aaaaugh, I don't like this Guy/Meg business. It's as cringeworthy as anything in the series, even though I don't have much against either character... I mean, cringe-worthy is basically Guy's MO, but in a different way...)

Wait, who are the heroes in this show again? In S2 I was starting to kind of like Robin.
Monday, June 3rd, 2013
8:39 pm
This is my life on fandom
Reading through the private posts on this journal is a chronicle of Avengers obsession, switching to Hobbit obsession, switching to Robin Hood obsession...

Of course if you go back farther you get other fandoms, but those don't have private posts because I didn't haunt kinkmemes back then.

I respect the idea of writing fanfiction in-character and in-world, but the latter, especially, doesn't appeal that much. I want to mess with gender and sexuality. I occasionally want werewolves where before there were only medieval-ish persons. I want girls who got fridged and women who went mad for plot convenience to become folk heroes who ride around in black leather kicking ass. I want to ship everyone with everyone. And so forth.
Thursday, May 30th, 2013
9:21 pm
Robin Hood: A Good Day to Die

I am thus far 25 or so minutes in, watching on the Kindle, since my first attempt resulted in a barely-functional TV and no Netflix capability.

Hey, SCA heavy combat buddies! Nice of y'all to show up!

This is a really stupid plot situation. I cannot believe the gang are this dumb. I can believe various plot devices are at least this dumb, but I wish they weren't...

I have aaaall the mixed feelings about Marian's behavior so far. She's stupid and ineffective, like in S1? She spouts non-sequiters? (Nice setup for a flatulence joke, though, three points to Allan...)

I think they were trying more for "Vaisey is crazy like a fox" than "Marian sucks haha," but who knows. Allan + Marian + Guy dynamics continue to be interesting, and Guy/Allan continues generating pleasant sparks... Guy probably would reward Allan's loyalty handsomely. But would Vaisey let him? A clue...

I think I would really benefit from not knowing where this is going. I loooove the team stuff, and the Djaq/Will stuff. It would help to be thrilled and scared and hopeful, but no, I'm thinking, "You're 'shipping my favorite character with another wonderful person just so you can stick them both on a bus? Eff youuuuuu!!!"

So many feels. Much/Robin, and OTGang... It's like Everyone is Poly Because Avengers, but with slightly more hugging and crying, maybe?

I totally want to join Ellingham's crew - it looks fun.

I finally finished it. I mostly liked it a lot. The setup with the barn made no sense, and all that tension was built up and then they got away and no one died or was even maimed. Bah! But I loved the night in the barn (even though it seemed to somehow lack some of the tension it should have had. Something about the presentation? The way it was broken up? The fact that we knew they weren't really going to die? Maybe in the original run people didn't know that, except it was only the second-to-last episode...)

Other awesome stuff: Guy's dream! (Kind of encapsulates his life. Slashtastic/creepy/amusing/pitiful...) Aaaall the Robin/Much vibes, and the way Much got listened to for once, and the fact that the Big Deal of Robin's life wasn't Marian related. And Will and Djaq, and Allan, and Allan with Marian. And Vaisey. He has really grown on me although I would still prefer a less over-the-top eeeevil antagonist.

The part I don't like is how Marian was dumber than usual and didn't have much to do. So, hmmmm, not a good sign for the dreaded finale. It does, possibly, make for interesting speculations as to her state of mind.

And I think I've realized that I would probably really adore this show if I saw S3 first, then the Marian-centric story bits. But who knows. I shall report back after having watched S3.
Friday, May 17th, 2013
12:04 am
Now I have watched up through Treasure of the Nation
including six episodes today, and I don't know what to do with all these feels.

Sunday, May 12th, 2013
4:37 pm
...so apparently my Mother's Day present is watching M/G videos...
like all the ones in existence until I have to feed someone again.

There are lots of awesome ones. But this one is my favorite:

I'm such a Night Watchman groupie!
Monday, May 6th, 2013
4:43 pm
Robin Hood 2x03, "Childhood", spoilers of a sort herein.
Those kids are cute and awesome! I like the armorsmith dude...

Aw, Guy, go you with your scruples against killing children for no good reason. That bit about servants rubbing your...feet only makes you sound pathetic, though...

Aw, lookit the little proto-outlaws!

And, once again, Robin is possessive and creepy and I want to punch him...

I kind of wish Marian would commit more fully to deceiving Guy. Maybe not at this stage? But, like, the fact that she drops his hand when he talks about wanting her freedom back... She could make things like that less obvious. It almost makes you think she's desperate to get away from Mr. Fanservice before she's captivated by his, er, charm. (Not really, in the show context. But there's a definite conflict between how much she likes doing this spy stuff and how much she's willing to get into the part.)

And speaking of Mr. Fanservice's charm... The times when I saw the shirtless!clip out of context I was all, "yeah, whatever, some tall guy with insufficient body hair has muscles and stuff, big deal..." But now I watch RH, and it's GUY and MARIAN. It's Guy/Marian. Ergo, ambivalent hotness. (Hot ambivalence?)

Omnomnom, the Guy/Allan in this episode is beyond delicious.
Djaq with a bow, also nine kinds of beautiful/sexy/awesome...

Wow, that ominous music is overdoing it. And the design of that armor is amazingly terrible. Gisborne looks a bit like Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Ooooh, nice Marian action. Also I continue to adore Smith Dude. ("In France they know how to appreciate an artist!")

I also continue to enjoy "Marian's not going to lead me around by my heart/balls/better nature!" Guy... although SRSLY, dude, your lord is shit. He hurts you for fun. In this case, and in the tattoo-burning scene, there's an argument to be made that the Sheriff's actions are simply necessary to further their political goals, and sometimes in war sacrifices must be made... but no, there are other ways; Vasey is a sadistic fuck and Guy is such a rewarding target.

I'm actually really impressed at the representation of sexual harrassment the show does...and abuse in general, and the way people who have bought into an abusive culture can be keen on perpetuating it...
1:24 pm
Booby and the Beast
Robin being all self-important. Djaq loves a puzzle. Djaq/Robin vibes...

Count Friedrich is so cute and awesome.
I really like assertive asshole Guy. I mean, I don't like him, but I am stirred... I guess he seems more deliberate, less childish, more in control? (And then that in turn makes it a bigger payoff if he's reduced to begging or otherwise brought low. Especially by Marian/TNW, since Marian has to put up with him...)

WTFingH is with these costumes?!?

Djaq in that dress! Fuuuuuu!!! (And then of course she just gets waaaay sexier...)

I loooove Much in this ep. And the W/D/A. And Allan with Guy, and Guy with Allan, and Allan's general discontent...

Did I mention Much?

This ep has one of those things I really, really hate in fiction: The thing where you plan and practice to do one thing, but when the situation changes, you don't abort the mission, and then it works out ok. No, no, no. NO! Successful missions and rescues and so forth require a keen balance between playing by the book because there's a reason the book is written that way and thinking outside the box for site/mission-specific details. Of course, Robin gets to skip over this in favor of being genre-savy: "It could be the end of England! And by the way, this show is called 'Robin Hood'. It's not called 'Sheriff Vasey Wins Again'."

Also among Gisborne's greatest sins is his frequent murdering of the poor contractors on the Death Star. This seldom gets called out by fandom, that I have seen, and certainly not as often as ditching one baby. Also, it must really, really suck to be a guard. Where do they get these people?
Sunday, March 31st, 2013
12:30 pm
Thursday, March 28th, 2013
8:14 pm
Robin Hood? Anybody?
Has anybody watched that BBC Robin Hood show? Is it as cracktastically cheesy as the clips and the TV Tropes page lead me to believe? Was it worth watching? How drunk do you have to be to enjoy it?

The impression I get from clips and tropes and third hand reports is that the first two series are basically "Djaq and a bunch of less-awesome white dudes" and the third is all clusterfrak all the time. Also my brain doesn't know how to respond to Guy's eye makeup.
Friday, May 18th, 2012
11:02 am
upcoming TV
Racialicious is awesome and hooks me up with the info on promising new TV shows I will not watch, because I will instead be seeing Shaun the Sheep and My Little Pony.

The Mindy Project looks great! Kinda like Scrubs and SNL (and possibly a third party? Nurse Jackie? Bridesmaids?) had a beautiful, hilarious baby.

Elementary also looks pretty cool.
Saturday, May 5th, 2012
10:54 pm
Wheeeeeeeeee! (I saw the Avengers)
On my birthday (observed). In IMAX 3D.

It was awesome and I got to fill out a survey to tell them so. I love surveys.

A few random thoughts (probably not spoiler-y):

Holy crap this cast is white. And male, too, especially when I realized that...

Jane Foster was not in this movie. Nor Darcy, but that one I guess is more defensible.

Like, seriously? Why is Jane Foster not working with someone, somewhere, on stuff related to space portals and bridges and stuff? WTF is the excuse for this?

Nick Fury: More Odinic than (movie) Odin.

And speaking of Norse Gods, I got kind of offended when they had Captain America tell me there's only one god. Sure, buddy, you're entitled to your opinion, but I don't think it has much place in this movie.

Also also, Hiddleston's Loki continues being so fucking beautiful it might be a crime. Less attractive, what with the crazy murder/enslavement plot, but so. damn. pretty.
Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
10:10 am
The best thing ever.
The internet is for porn. And Start Trek. And memes.

This is the best thing ever in my world:


And here's another along similar lines:

Saturday, March 17th, 2012
8:12 pm
Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
9:54 pm
Demand the Impossible
Reading the Occupy paper on the T.

Occupy the T is a good effort. They said "If told there are no other alternatives, demand the impossible." Yes. Move the Overton Window, make anything Obama, Warren et. al. could come up with look tame and toothless. But That's a perfect way to articulate it.

"Demand The Impossible."

It's a bit like the idea of "shooting for the moon, so if you miss you'll land among the stars."


Dream worlds that never were and say "Why not?"
We can build it.
We can dream it.
We can be the change.

Demand the impossible. Start today.
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